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INFO CONTACT : info@harmaplus.eu

Programme HarMA 2020 is still available

The Participants, as well as audience or speaker, should be a Music Theory faculty teacher/member or similar (Harmony, Music Analysis, Ear Training, ... in your Music Department), or the Heads of the Music Theory Departments or Delegates able to provide authorized information about their Home Institution in these fields.

Please, note that the Seminar will be organized in both English and French languages during the seminar with only English support.

We've limited the number of participants at 120 and the committee reserves the right to limit the number of participants per Institution in order to meet the largest number of different Institutions represented during the Seminar.

Your Institution should be a Higher Music Education Institution involved in the Erasmus+ Programme.

As announced, the Seminar HarMA 2023 will integrate the final results and dissemination of the
"HarMA+" Project - Strategic Partnerships project (KA 203). We would certainly appreciate participants to be informed about this European Project by reading the project website. In the frame of this european project and in order to collect a large number of music theory data such as bibliographic items and courses details in Higher Music Education Institution, these both forms are mandatory for all the registration's participant: one bibliography form to provide a music theory book you're using in your class, and one description's course form you're in charge of. We are very grateful for providing us these data and being part of this European project ! Your Institution will be able to benefit from higher visibility within the EU Higher Music Educations Institutions ! 

Each participant is definitely registered once :

1. The registration form is sent
2. The both "HarMA+" forms are filled in and confirmed.



Preregistration "Early Birds" by 15/12/2022 at the latest
Deadline for Proposals by 20/01/2023 at the latest
Last registration by 01/03/2023 at the latest

Speakers Sessions guidelines


As new participants and if we still have free spaces dedicated to new speakers, when making your registration form, we invite you to send your proposals about the different sessions (Topic Specific Talk and Training Session).
A selection committee will select and confirm the topics selected.

Deadline to submit your proposals here : 20 January 2023

Format Proposals> PDF only: 2 pages maximum of description, full name, email, home institution, abstract of 850 characters with spaces maximum.

We invite you to send your proposals (PDF format) about the 2 different sessions :



Topic Specific Talks will be organized during several sessions in order to allow each participant to attend most of the sessions. Our selection committee will select the proposals and confirm them in February 2023. These sessions are only about Music Theory Department's topics. If you have time, you can briefly introduce your Institution because each Topic Specific Talk lasts 30 MINUTES MAXIMUM: 20 MIN of presentation and 10 MIN of questions/answers, study in these fields)

In order to well prepare your proposals, the session's content should relate to these topics:

- Issues occurred in Music Theory fields (publication issue for MT books, problems/solutions' study in these subjects, how to raise interest within MT fields front of the Instrument departments, ...)
- Internationalization and strength of the Music Theory fields (European projects, Joint Master, Modernization of curriculum, development cooperation projects, ...)
- Teaching practices (innovative teaching practices, new technologies, digitalization projects, european or other projects relate to the music theory fields...)
- Digitalization (due to the COVID crises, some technologies and new methodologies have been raised and faced to the lack of high quality internet speed and sound quality)


For each Speaker or Audience Participant, it is mandatory for you to fill in the Register Form before sending your proposals.

Both French and English languages could be used for the Topic Specific Talks with English documents (proposals, documents for the participants, powerpoint, programme, ...).


We will organize three training sessions. You can send your proposal (PDF format) in the same Call for Proposals. Training Sessions should be led by one of the speakers and will make a brief summary to send to the HarMA Committee in order to present the conclusions at the end of the Seminar.

- Teaching practices and new methodologies
-  One Analysis comparative session will be organized by the host institution: this session is based on  the answers to survey questions and the analytical task supposed to be completed by the participants in advance. You'll receive a form in order to prepare the session.

- Free (send your proposal related to the HarMA topics)

For each Speaker or Audience Participant, it is mandatory for you to fill in the Register Form before sending your proposals.
Both French and English languages could be used  with English documents (proposals, documents for the participants, powerpoint, programme, ...).

Global Informations

1. Erasmus Grant: In order to cover your travel costs (travel and individual support), Erasmus Programme could be used in the frame of a Training Mobility. Please, contact your International office for further information. The host Institution, Akademia Muzyczna im. Stanisława Moniuszki w Gdańsku, will provide you the required documents including the workplan, Invitation Letter, the Mobility Agreement for Training (prefilled) and a Certificate of Participation for all participants in the Seminar.

For any queries about Erasmus support and documents, please contact the host Institution
on harma2023@amuz.gda.pl

A non-signed Template of your Mobility Agreement for Training is available here

2. Three lunches and a "HarMA dinner" will be supported by the host Institution. The form will be updated soon.

Please, we need to confirm your presence by filling in this form by March 12 at the latest
Deadline to register and to submit the form :
link to the form

3. For the good organization of the event and to ensure your best possible stay in Gdansk and especially the lunches and the dinner, we thank you in advance for returning us this form. The form will be updated soon.
Please, we need you to confirm your menu by filling in this form
Deadline  to submit the form : to be announced

4. Length and structure of session

Each Topic Specific Talk  lasts half hour (20min talk and 10min questions/answers). Thus, in a session of two speakers, each is asked to limit remarks to 10-15 minutes each, and in a session of three speakers to a maximum of 10 minutes each. During the ensuing discussion the speaker panel will have opportunities to contribute further and to respond to any specific points raised. In addition to focused sessions on key aspects of each theme, time is deliberately set aside for informal dialogue with fellow participants.
5. Presentations

On some occasions, papers and presentations will be posted on a secure area of the HarMA website which can be accessed by participants. Speakers are asked to notify the Organizer or a member of the conference team if they do not want their paper to be made available on the secure area of the website.

6. PowerPoint and audio/visual presentations

The use of visual materials (Powerpoint) to support presentations is required. A projector and screen are available if speakers want to use images, graphs, maps or statistics to illustrate their presentation. Ideally, the presentation has to be sent to us by email before April 1st, 2023. . If speakers wish to use their own laptop, they should ensure it has an HDMI port and VGA Port.

7. Discussion protocol

Our events are designed to be as interactive and frank as possible. All speakers and participants are encouraged to participate as representatives of their governments or organizations or Music Theory Departments.

Individuals attending the HarMA Seminar Event may be video recorded or photographed during the course of a meeting. These media may be used for promotional purposes through broadcast, webcast or publication by other means. If you do not consent to your comments or likeness being used, please notify our committee.

Participant lists will be circulated beyond those individuals who attend this event.

8. Social media

The protocol also applies to all uses of digital and social media, both before, during and after the event.

9. Conference Room

All plenary sessions take place in different Conferences Rooms in the Akademia Muzyczna im. Stanisława Moniuszki w Gdańsku.

10. Practical Information

Practical information for travelling from Gdańsk Lech Wałęsa Airport to Stanisław Moniuszko Academy of Music in Gdańsk.



The easiest way to travel from Gdańsk Airport to the Academy is by taxi. There are official taxi companies at the airport and the following address should be given to the drivers:

Łąkowa Street 1-2, 80-743 Gdańsk.

For more information, please visit the airport’s website:



Public transport

The bus line 210 goes straight to the city centre (Dworzec Główny) and it is easy to find: the bus stop is right outside Arrivals. A one-way ticket costs 3,80 PLN.

For more information, please visit the airport’s website:


or you may want to use the application Jak dojadę


From Dworzec Główny to the Academy, take Tram No 8 or 9 (depart at the stop: Akademia Muzyczna)



We recommend staying at the Dom Muzyka hotel, located on the campus of the Academy of Music in Gdańsk, just next to the Seminar venue.  



Łąkowa 1-2 street 

80-743 Gdańsk 



Book Your Room  

To book your room at the Dom Muzyka hotel at a reduced price please contact the hotel directly using a code: HARMA 

Contact person:  Natalia Stasiłowicz 

Tel./Fax: +48 58 326 06 01 

E-mail: marketing@dommuzyka.pl 


Room Rates 

Single room – € 49 (BB - breakfast included) 

Double room - € 59 (BB - breakfast included) 


The HarMA room allotment is available until 1st March 2023 only. After this date the rooms are subject to hotel’s availability, so make sure you book your room before 1st March. 

The seminar rate will be offered still after this date.  

Carillon presentation

During the Seminar we will be happy to present to you a 49-bells carillon, the property of Gdańsk Museum of Science. The instrument is located in the tower of St Catherine's Church. Each afternoon after the last seminar session, a group walk will be organized from the Academy through the historic city center to the Church.

The final concert

While making your travel arrangements, you might want to take into consideration that a big final concert of the Seminar will take place on Friday evening, 8 p.m. It will be performed by the Symphony Orchestra of Stanisław Moniuszko Academy of Music conducted by Sylwia Janiak-Kobylińska, Dean of the Faculty of Conducting, Composition and Music Theory. Among performers there are remarkable soloists, including renowned teachers of the Academy – a bassoonist Mirosław Pachowicz, Vice-dean of the Faculty of Instrumental Studies, and a baritone singer Krzysztof Bobrzecki, Dean of the Faculty of Vocalism and Acting, as well as a young promising trumpet player Ignacy Kapica.


Museum of Amber

Since Gdańsk is the World Capital of Amber, we are happy to offer our guests a visit to the Museum of Amber on Saturday morning (April 22nd). If you decide to stay in Gdańsk a little bit longer, you’ll have a chance to get to know our amazing city and its tourist attractions.


We are looking forward to seeing you and we hope you will enjoy your stay in Gdańsk. We believe that the Seminar will be a great opportunity to share our professional experiences. There are still places available, so if you know someone who might be interested in taking part, please feel free to spread the information about the event - we will be happy to welcome new participants.

About the Committee

Sincere thanks were expressed to the committee's members for helping us in this project !

Salvatore GIOVENI
Conservatoire royal de Bruxelles
Full-time faculty and head of the music theory department
International relations Coordinator
Founder and President of the HarMA and HarMA+ projects

Renata SKUPIN 

Stanisław Moniuszko Academy of Music in Gdańsk
Music Theory Department, former Head of the Faculty of Conducting, Composition and Music Theory (2012–2020)
Editor-in-chief of the peer-reviewed journal “Aspekty Muzyki”

Stanisław Moniuszko Academy of Music in Gdańsk
Music Theory


Conservatoire royal de Bruxelles
History of music

Conservatoire royal de Bruxelles
Head Librarian and Encyclopaedia faculty

Conservatoire royal de Bruxelles
Full-time faculty of Music Analysis and Computer-assisted Music


If you have any further questions, we will be delighted to answer them.


HarMA Seminar Event
Salvatore Gioveni, HarMA President and Founder

Conservatoire royal de Bruxelles
30, rue de la Régence
1000 Bruxelles


+322 511 04 27